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POM Amsterdam POM Amsterdam

NIEUWS | 9-02-2018 : 08:00 | Overzicht van nieuws & events

POM Amsterdam is er weeral in geslaagd om een prachtige collectie uit te brengen. Met een unieke POM sjaal kan je je look volledig veranderen en je outfit echt oppimpen.


The label POM Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by the Dutch sisters Liesbeth and Violet. They set out to make superb quality shawls that make women happy. POM wants to add sparkle to people's lives by creating fashionable items that come in a colourful variety of unique and stylish designs to give everyone their favourite 'Piece Of Mine'. Shawls that can completely change your look in the blink of an eye. The two sisters design all fabrics and shawls themselves at their office in Amsterdam. Often you find some subtle characteristics of POM Amsterdam, or some other fun elements of Amsterdam, woven into the fabrics.